Pink Rays of the Sunset


Ripples debouch slow-paced at the beach painting typical curved lines on the sand. Yet the ocean is not the only one leaving its tracks, imprints of a bridal couple indicate a long mutual way.

We can only assume where it will take them, primarily to the lovingly maritime set table, we guess. To dine between mussels, to toast with their crystal glasses and to celebrate love among this wonderfully light pink sunlight.

Today the world is their oyster just like their joint future. One last kiss and one familiar look later they head hand in hand towards the unknown sunset. As a symbol for the unknown time that lies ahead…

Magical light and a lonely beach – what else do you need to showcase true love? Not much! The event designers of Lemon Tree combined these natural conditions with details and elements in proper style, draped the bride in a dreamlike dancing-with-the-breeze dress, handed her a gorgeous bouquet and created artful stationery as the icing on the cake.

Finally, it was photographer Olga Siyanko who captured this synthesis of the arts for us and invites us now to get a sneak peek at her wonderful picture gallery.

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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DRESS: pion.dress
HAIR + VEIL: BraidsD
CALLIGRPAHY: valera_sha