Beach Poetry


Free and wild the bridal bouquet grows in her hand, as if she was mother earth who feeds it. Softly the sand clings to her feet, as if she was the rock it was made of.

Yet it is the bride herself who longs for her own tower of strength, restlessly wandering along the beach until she finds what she needs.

The wind is one of her many companions, letting waves bluster and grasses bow to her. Another companion is candle light, protecting and leading her through the darkness.

These inspirations at the beach of Malibu seem like from another world. Bride, accessories and details seem Elfish, mysterious and gentle while rocks, the ocean and the light appear wild, powerful and strong.

Magic lies within the countless unimposing details staged perfectly on the great pictures from Beatrice of Luna de Mare Photography . Colors, shapes and filigree finesses of this concept blend into a harmonic piece of art as if they couldn’t exist without each other…

This is not the first beach shoot but it is exceptional and revolutionary! Enjoy terrific pictures by Luna de Mare Photography  and see for yourselves!

Text and Translation: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAPHY: Luna de Mare Photography 
GOWN: Willow by Watters
FLORALS: Emblem Flowers
HAIR + MAKE-UP:  Juna Beauty
RING BOX: The Mrs Box
SILK SHAWL + RIBBON: Silk & Willow
FINE JEWELRY: Susie Saltzman 
CALLIGRAPHY: September Letters
STONEWARE: Speck and Stone
PHOTO LAB: Photovisionprints
MODEL: Becka Palter


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