poetry of the nature of love


”I love you as certain dark things are loved 
Secretly, between the shadow and the soul 
I love you like the plant that never blooms 
And carries within itself, hidden,
the light of flowers 
And thanks to your love, darkly in my body 
Lives the dense fragrance that rises from the earth” 

– Pablo Neruda – 


Come with us as we follow the yin and yang of love into a bygone era…

A feather runs smoothly over hand-made paper, taken by the hand of the bride declaring her feelings.

She has written countless letters like this always hoping her sweetheart will answer her pleading, her desire to be with him.

It´s her longing she holds on to in these poems until true and initial love brings them together.

Inspired by the source of big emotions, our beautiful earth, Laura Syväniemi of Love June and Petra Veikkola created these amazing mystic and graceful bridal inspirations.

Every detail of the shoot, from the antique furniture to the hand-picked vintage items sourced across Europe, was created to portray a primal, regal love that weathers time and the elements.“ the artists explained.

Sensual yet shy, historic yet modern, mysterious yet expressive the entire setting – from the table and stationery to the cake and the estate – is talking a mutual language: the language of harmonic contrasts.

“It is a celebration of the wild-spirited bride and the poetry of the nature of love; a yin and yang of the solid and dark and the delicate and light.the two encapsulated their visions.

We´re deeply impressed by the sense for big emotions and aesthetics that Laura Syväniemi of Love June and Petra Veikkola proofed impressively here.



PHOTOGRAPHER: Petra Veikkola Photography
MAKE-UP: Laura Ala-Nissilä from Yazz Hair
HAIR: Sirkku Lampiniemi from Yazz Hair
STATIONERY: Willow Visuals
CAKE: Gaggui Kaffela
FLORALS: Helmivillakko Floral Design
VENUE: Mustion Linna
MODEL: Tutta from Modelpoint