Ponderosa & Thyme FlorAL Workshop 


When grasses cling to leaves and branches to blossoms we experience a scented declaration of love beguiling our senses.

A lordly estate with a kingly ambience. Gold and stucco adorn ceilings and walls, upholding its valuable, ancient semblance. And yet it´s time that gnaws on masonry and wallpapers – sincere, natural and charming.

Lush greenery, blooming buds and bold colors fill the rooms with new splendor and vivid style. If they can lure out the emperors of bygone days from their artful paintings?

The autumnal surrounding is inspiration and source for perfectly shaped floral arrangements and sweeping bouquets at the same time. The path leads through wet grass and dense fields, always looking for seasonal presents from mother nature.

The smell of historic books and history-charged ruins gives way to the scent of fresh flowers and delicious fruits as the artists of Ponderosa & Thyme bring young life into St. Giles House.

This is where a hand full of floral artists from all over the world recently came together to participate in one of the industry´s most amazing workshops. They spent four days with floral artist Katie of Ponderosa & Thyme who carried off her attendees into unknown depths of a scented world of flowers.

But now photographer Maria Lamb wants to carry us off into her impressive world of pictures where she shares magnificent blossoms and breathtaking flower arrangements with us…




WORKSHOP: Ponderosa & Thyme
VENUE: St Giles House
HAIR + MAKEUP: Bella Unique Beauty
VIDEOGRAPHY: Hunting Ground Films
APRONS: Portland Apron Company 
DRESSES: Lady Evelyn
SILK + RUNNERS: Silk & Willow
CALLIGRAPHY: Kelsey Malie Calligraphy
FILM SCANS: Photovision



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