Provence Engagement 


Saying yes can be the beginning of so many things. Whoever says yes may anticipate love, life and surprises. In all its facets, with all their flaws and with all their genuineness.

This couple is not only saying yes to each other. It´s sying yes to Provence, yes to summer and yes to the easiness of being. And they get rewarded with dense olive groves, bright sunshine and undisturbed time of togetherness.

A lordly estate with graceful water features and groomed green functions as backdrop for their engagement – a milestone of their lives. Hand in hand, skin on skin, lips on lips, this is how they feel their love is real.

Minimalistic yet expressive, this is how event designer Stephanie & Celine from Weddings of Excellence in Provence showcased this young couple´s engagement. The couple shows lots of skin wearing lingerie by  Veronica Sheaffer among others and bringing back summer to our hearts for a precious little moment.

Thanks to the aesthetic and fascinating pictures shot by Tamara Gruner Photography we can bring back this wonderfully warm feeling whenever we want to dream away the day…

Translation: Marina Jenewein




Tamara Gruner Photography: “Our next workshop will be held in Provence, France in May 7-10th, 2017. The workshop offers a 3-day hands-on experience on how to offer the finest for your clients, your fellow vendors, and last but not the least, for yourself – using your talent and art.

We will engage in one-on-one sessions, with professionals, to review your work. The sessions will offer nuances on how to elevate your work, and, provide marketing tips on standing out in the crowd. As a part of this workshop, you will capture the work of professional vendors – stylists, designers, calligraphers, florists, and, models – thereby providing you with rich photographing experience.

Our workshop will be in French and English. Our speakers include Elizabeth from Style Me Pretty, Susanne from Hochzeitsguide, Albany from Richard Photo Lab, Stéphanie from Weddings of Excellence in Provence, Céline from Un Jardin En Ville, Jeremy from Icon 6 and myself. You will find more information about our workshop and registration at


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PHOTOGRAPHY: Tamara Gruner Photography
EVENT PLANNING, STYLING +DESIGN: Stephanie & Celine from Weddings of Excellence in Provence (WEP)
LINGERIE FEMALE: Veronica Sheaffer
SHORT: Rayne Homme
HAIR: Agnes
VENUE: La Coquillade
MODELS: Calypso and Yannick with Enjoy Models Management
FILM LAB: Richard Photo Lab





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