Puglia Honeymoon between Olive Trees


A relaxing bath in the sun, loving cuddling in the shade, meaningful looks, a refreshing sip of champagne and a sparkling kiss on the edge of the pool – here we watch lovestruck newlyweds at the pool.

Do you remember the fascinating bridal couple Alexander and Catherine and their intimate Finca wedding in Puglia? Wedding photographer Elisabeth Van Lent accompanied the two through their big day and gives us an insight into the sugar sweet life of the newlyweds today.

The dazzling white Finca Masseria Parco Della Grava is not only a wonderful place to get married in an unforgettable way, but also to honeymoon just as memorable as the two prove credibly.

Together it´s even easier to enjoy the benefits of this beautiful area in southern Italy: the view over the Mediterranean olive trees to the rolling hills in the distance, the cloudless sky and the bright sun, the delicious scent of herbs and the unique sound of nature.

Forgetting the stress of the past months, celebrating their luck and making plans for the future together. But, actually, it looks more like Alexander and Catherine are with their love and thoughts exclusively in the here and now. And that’s exactly what a honeymoon should be like, right?

Let us bring you into a romantic holiday mood with the enchanting couple and the wanderlust-causing images shot by Elisabeth Van Lent and the fantastic styling of Art’Anna Weddings & Events.




PHOTOGRAPHY: Elisabeth Van Lent Photography
ORGANISATION & STYLING: Art’Anna Weddings & Events
VENUE: Masseria Parco Della Grava
SWIM SUIT: Heidi Klein selected at Women’secret
HAIR AND MAKE-UP: Fabiola Hairsalon
FILM LAB: Carmencita Film Lab
MODELS: Laura Derek & Maikol