Pure Wedding Fine Art


Art can shimmer colourfully like a rainbow, or shine brightly in just one colour.Art can have a sweet scent and delicious flavour, or it can glow imposingly or sparkle modestly, Art has countless faces; art is not just black or white.

And yet, in this case art thrives on the strong contrasts such as those between black and white or crème-white and green.The play of light and shadow, the intermezzo of minimalism and opulence.In fine art, unfathomable spheres are reached and aesthetics and beauty are immeasurably heightened.

Like here, where the eye of the beholder is taken from masterpiece to masterpiece and rejoices extensively in the extravagance of the bridal couple, the richness of the blossoms of Floresie, the extraordinariness of the images and the harmony of a simple colour palette.

It is the way how stylist Erica Kopp von Stay Co selected elements to interact with one another that complete the overall image.Here, different individual components become a unified source of inspiration from which bridal couples the world over can draw ideas.

And these fantastic shots of D’Arcy Benincosa encourage them to take new paths and boldly follow their hearts.This is what fine art is all about and the reason why we love it.




DRESS Louiza Babouryan
FLORAL Floresie
MODELS Beatrice Rose and Frans Odk
STUDIO Land of Dreams by KM


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