Pure Form Minimalism


A flower, wide open and fragrant. A wedding dress, form-fitting and exclusive. A hat, bright white and extravagant. They all stand for pure form minimalism.

Likewise, the statement jewelry. Not too much, but extravagant and matching. And the bride´s nail polish? Black and smooth as her beautiful hair. Her big eyes sparkle even without much color, it is time to emphasize her wonderful lips…

Minimalism doesn’t mean to give up on everything. It is much more the art of focusing on the essentials and to make a big impact with little things.  

Add to that the exciting interplay of contrasts between black and white or light and shadow. In the creation of motifs as well as in photography. The result: fascinating and captivating fine art bridal inspirations.

Behind these fine art bridal inspirations stands a great team of wedding vendors. Above all, the wedding designers of Peony Studio, who seemed to literally blossom in the subject of minimalism.

Using selected accessories, they skilfully staged the gorgeous Murashka wedding dresses and concentrated on their extraordinary details.  

Floral designer Anastasia Panina took care of flower arrangement of a very special kind and transformed even single flowers into absolute highlights.  

Last but not least, photographer Antonova Kseniya  was just as important to the team. Because without her these spectacular inspirations and the hard work of others would have remained unseen. Thanks to her fantastic images, we may now get carried away to the world of minimalism.

Translation: Marina Jenewein




PHOTOGRAPHY Antonova Kseniya 
FLORAL DESIGN Anastasia Panina 
DRESSES Murashka 
HAIR / MAKE-UP Anna Vereta 
JEWELRY 2213Gift 
MODEL Suzanna Aslanova


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