Quiet and Serene Boudoir Inspiration 


As she awakes the other side of her bed is empty. For a good reason though because this morning is all hers. Traditionally she and her groom spent the night apart, to meet again at the altar.

öüAnd to take care of herself until then, to calm down and to sort herself out. To recall the past, to enjoy the presence and to dream of a mutual future.

Nothing but delicate fabrics cover her skin, nestling up to her like her fiancé. Valuable lace flatters her silhouette, a soft dressing gown caresses her naked shoulders. For a letter from her sweetheart she pauses her ritual, drinks a soothing cup of tea and indulges in his loving words. Afterwards she takes her bridal bouquet and sets hope in the future…

“This boudoir shoot was inspired by the quiet and serene moments of a bride in the early hours of her wedding day.“ the event designer and florist Frances of Prema Style told us.

In this shoot, we hoped to capture the sweet stillness of the early morning and honor the beauty and spirit of a woman upon the rite of passage of becoming a wife.

Among the elegant ambience of Grant Humphreys photographer Emily Sacco captured the exciting moments for us on camera when a beautiful woman turns into a beautiful bride.


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PHOTOGRAPHY: Emily Sacco Photography
VENUE: Grant Humphreys
HAIR + MAKEUP: Liana Kathryn


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