Rococo-Romance at Castle Pernegg


The morning sun´s first rays of sunlight shine through floor-to-ceiling windows passing delicate curtains to bathe the majestic saloon of Castle Pernegg in golden grace. Everything glares, everything sparkles. It´s the late baroque´s romance with its playful rococo mural art that turns this hall into the perfect venue of true love.

Where once jamborees were celebrated we now find an ancient, oval table with opulent flower arrangements by Ulrike Siegl-Kospach and a banquet in royal shades of blue and red grouped around by chairs covered with blue velvet. Here and there gleaming macaroons set colorful highlights which become adorning details by forming a liaison with noble tableware.

It´s the main scene of this rococo wedding inspiration that Ulf Thausing Photography eternalized on artful images.

 This is where the bride takes a seat, in her fairytale bridal dress by  Heyday Vienna made of countless tulle layers and the transparent lace-top with long sleeves. A princess-like bridal look complemented by a colorful wreath turns these inspirations into a modern fairy tale.

So she dreams of the romance of bygone days just to let them become wonderful reality only seconds later. Simply fabulous…

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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FOTOGRAFIE: Ulf Thausing Photography
LOCATION: Schloss Pernegg, Steiermark
FLORISTIK + PAPETERIE: Ulrike Siegl-Kospach
BRAUTKLEID: Heyday Vienna
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Stylingartist Manuela Fechter
MACARONES: : Mészáros Macaron & Dessert
RING: Feinheit Goldschmied
BRAUTSCHUHE: Tanzschule Conny & Dado



ulfthausing-klein  hedayvienna-klein5







   Ulf Thausing                            Heyday Vienna



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