Ethereal Summer Wedding


Fresh grass tickles her underfoot. She plucks the bright flowers from the tree and puts them in her basket. In a turquoise blue dress, she is surrounded by a thousand rays of sunshine. Her hair is loose and wild like the future. On her ring sits a white pearl.

And somewhere between the blossoms rest lover’s oaths, composed for a special person who will soon appear. For a life surrounded by happiness. For a life full of love.

Small dots of light warm the wooden bench facing a view of the mountains. The white roses on the celebration table are reflected in the dress, which swathes the bride’s hips in tulle. The treetops, whose flowers scatter in every direction, as if in slow motion, fly into the day. She smiles and does not want to leave this place.

In the invitation envelope draped over plates is a sky greater and more beautiful than it can be in reality.

The rustic table’s dark wood is the earth of the white plates, just as the green is the earth of the bride on the ground. The lower part of the cake is built like a trunk with a hundred mint green wings. The lines of the menu are written in light blue, curved calligraphy.

This is life. Everything is harmonious. From the colors to the dress. Behind her, little estuaries flow into nature.

Romantic inspirations by Sofia Ferreira from Brancoprata were lyrically captured on camera by the photographer  André Teixeira from Brancoprata.


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PHOTOGRAPHY: André Teixeira – Brancoprata
VIDEOGRAPHY: Fábio Coelho – The Amazing Rabbit
WEDDING DRESS DESIGNER: Rute Moreda for Manuel Noivas
MAKE-UP: Marlene Vinha – Pretty Exquisite
FASHION STYLING:  Diana Vinha, Pretty Exquisite
HAIR DESIGNER: Alexandre RIBEIRO – Diff Hair Designers
MODEL: Caterina Reinnas – Elite Lisbon
TEAM MANAGER: Susana Correira + Convento de Sanpayo


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