Barefooted she strolls through the green grass, feeling every drop of dew and every fresh blade. The way leads her into his arms to surrender to love and to indulge in pleasure.

Silence, loneliness and pure nature – perfect ingredients for some time of togetherness, to take some time out and to celebrate marriage.

For her own anniversary event stylist Caroline Reusen of belles & bubbles came up with a very special idea: a photo session with her and her sweetheart at an idyllic place in North Italy, photographed by one of her favorite artists Darya Kamalova from Thecablookfotolab.

Since she was a little child the successful stylist lives in close touch with nature and that´s why it´s no surprise she chose this old mill from the 15th century as location for her shooting.

She wasn´t the only one fascinated by the nearby river, the untouched landscapes and the charm of a bygone era. We, too, immediately fell in love with the atmospheric pictures shot by Darya Kamalova.

Especially the delicate dress with the seducing backline and the valuable stationery are really impressing!

Caroline Reusen of belles & bubbles left nothing to chance and synchronized ever detail perfectly and united them within this synthesis of the arts which photographer Darya Kamalova from Thecablookfotolab shares here with us…

Text and Translation: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAPHY: Darya Kamalova from Thecablookfotolab
PLANNING + STYLING: Caroline Reusen of Belles & Bubbles
DRESS: House of Moirai
CALLIGRAPHY: Poppy & Scooter
RIBBON + LINENS: Silk & Willow
MAKE-UP + HAIR: Lidija Malinovskaja
LOCATION: Old Mill in Lombardy, Italy


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