Leaving every day life behind and the kids with their grand parents to take time out in the mountains – a luxury adventure that James and Kristy went on to crown their love with an intimate anniversary amongst snowy mountaintops.

Their morning starts with breakfast in bed followed by some extra time for cuddling. Usually there´s not much time for that but today nothing else matters. The view from the balcony is breathtaking. Bit by bit they realize it´s not a dream, they´re really here.

Bundled up they take a walk to the idyllic mountain lake. Today it´s all theirs to laugh loudly and whisper quietly. No one can hear them and nature will keep every secret. At a romantic bonfire the day slowly fades. While James and Kristy promise to come back some day…

„We wanted to do a romantic anniversary getaway in the beautiful mountains of Sun Valley Idaho with James and Kristy, to capture the story of their relaxed day away from the kids – just embracing one another.“ photographer Jenny Losee explains what needs no explanation.

Her fascinating pictures show a deeply in love couple whose love and affection is still growing, even after many years and several kids together. Amazing, isn´t it?

Translation: Marina Jenewein



PHOTOGRAPHY: Jenny Losee Photography
FLORALS: Rust and Thistle
DRESS: Free People
FILM LAB: The Find Lab



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