Romantic Bridal Dresses by Emily Riggs 


Let´s think of a beautiful swan how he dances an elegant and graceful dance for us. How he turns around in his dress of feathers, looking into a future that´s all his. And how he enters the stage with his head up high. His time has come.

It is without a doubt a mysterious picture that was created at this shooting. Even mysticism can give rise to dream: not everything on this earth has to be infinite to become visible.

It´s the different tastes that turn our lives into a feast of passion and love. And this is how every wedding becomes a very unique creation.

Our bride, the swan, pinned her hair up so we have a grandstand view of her. She wears an ice-blue dreamlike dress by Emily Riggs. It is accessorized with lace and adapts perfectly with the big, dark grey cliffs with respect and understanding.

The typography is clear, modern and black. Offset by the white cake surrounded by a dark floral wreath of blue blossoms. In her hands she holds a wild bouquet in shades of red, her ear rings sparkle into the shady setting. Until last she rests among a sea of flowers. Her last dance? Felicity!

These poetic bridal inspirations were summarized in this impressive world of pictures by Maria Lamb to enchant us all.

Translation: Marina Jenewein



PHOTOGRAPHY: Maria Lamb Photography
STATIONERY: Julie DeWalt from Gather & Co
HAIR: Ambrosia Carey
MAKE-UP: Cassandra Kennedy
FLORALS: Kae Yelchaninov
CAKE: Sainte G. Cake Company
MODEL:  Rachel from Reaction Models



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