Hawaiian Flower Queen


Hawaiian hills string together shimmering dreamily in the warm sunlight. The wind blows through their dress of grasses bowing to the bride with every gust.

Sheer fabric covers this woman´s beauty playing around her naked skin. Her jewelry of finest blossoms is in the limelight, which she wears proudly like a royal crown.

An evenly artful floral masterpiece lays in her hands as she strikes off to explore this lonely island. Along the coast she strolls to scout her empire.

The following pictures by  Christine Clark proof impressively how easily less can become a lot. It didn´t take more than a beautiful bride, a feathery dress and breathtaking flower artworks by Passion Roots to create this perfect treat for the eyes on Oahu.

This is how dreamy romance and magnificent nature become one…


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PHOTOGRAPHY:  Christine Clark Photography
FLORALS: Passion Roots
MAKE-UP: Lena Hanson
HAIR: Marissa Pastrana
FILM LAB: Goodman Film Lab
MODEL: Eva Blacker


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