Romantic Bridal InSPIRATIONS 


This church might be ageing but not this very bride seeking for love…

A history-charged house of God awaits us that has seen several bridal couples come and married couples leave. Its floor is made of cold stones; its benches groan as if they wanted to tell every love story they ever heard.

Once abandoned and forgot a sea of flowers now breathes life into the bare walls. Their scent brings us from the past back to the here and now. Right into the moment a bride enters the ancient building…

This place, that seems lost somewhere between past and future, hopelessly enchanted and inspired florist Laetitia of Florésie to this shoot with photographer Anna Tereshina: „That styled shoot took place in the little church of my village. That church dates back from the XIIIth century and is unfortunately in very bad condition. It is a very inspiring place to me and i always loved the way, the vegetation starts to grow naturally in and on it: moss on the roof and on the floor, ivy vines entering through its broken windows. We even spotted a baby tree growing on one corner of its roof.“ Laetitia told us.

After a workshop the creative florist of Florésie met photographer Anna Tereshina at the chapel and before they knew they had turned a gorgeous bride, a dreamlike dress with vintage flair, paper goods in proper style and stunning florals into wonderful bridal inspirations resembling the love story of Tristan and Isolde…

Translation: Marina Jenewein




PHOTOGRAPHY: Anna Tereshina
GOWN: Mathilde Marie
ACCESSORIES: La Chambre Blanche
RIBBONS: Fleuropean
HAIR AND MAKE-UP: Anne-Sophie Warot
VIDEO: JD Filmmaker
MODEL: Eeva Nanihi



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