Romance In The Pure Form


With every one of her steps the bride revives the stony stairs. Aged and raddled they witnessed quite some stories.

Fresh foliage covers every step as well as the soft ground and the flat shore as if it wants to lead her the way.

Across the bridge through the park and along the lake the bride floats towards her destination in her tender robe.

Have you ever seen something more romantic than these fabulous pictures by Kseniya Antonova?

The dress by Bluebells – a touch of nothing. The flowers in her arm – naturally wild and beautiful. The tiara in her hair – valuable and filigree. Everything on this bride appears breakable and light as if she wasn´t from this planet.

With her graceful pictures photographer Kseniya Antonova sets new standards when it comes to romance and lets us dream away the day…

Text and Translation: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRPAHY: Kseniya Antonova 
FLORAL DESIGN: Marina Zaslavskaya
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Mariya Chernishova
CALLIGRAPHY: Ekaterina Sergeleva
DRESS: Bluebells
LOCATION: Near St. Petersburg, Russia




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