Marina and Maksim – Forever on your side


Foaming billows approach the bay to turn into soft waves at the sight of this bride. A delicate being seeking shelter of cliffs, finding safety in the arms of love.

This day will change two lives, from now on for ever. Side by side, hand in hand. Their promise applies until infinity and beyond, witnessed by the immeasurable ocean and the endless width. Wherever you´re going, I´m going your way…

These breathtaking pictures shot by photographer Alexander Santi show much more than just the intimate wedding of Marina and Maksim. They sum up meaningful words as event stylist Julia of JRweddings from Russia told us: It is important to a woman to perceive that her her beloved man, her protection and support is beside her, as well as it is important to a man to know that the woman he chose as his life’s companion will be his support, his love and will always be with him. Words like: “Wherever You’re going, I’m going your way.” are priceless.”

The coast as symbol for the powerful bond between two hearts and light colors as metaphor for gentle love – which place would have been more perfect than this?! We knowingly chose this foreland overlooking the boundless Black Sea for this pair’s marriage ceremony as there is no better way to emphasize the power of these words. They sounded like a vow to be together the entire life.event designer Julia waxes lyrical about this dreamlike location.

This is where she created a true master piece of big emotions and little details, captured skillfully on camera by Alexander Santi

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAPHER: Alexander Santi Photography
DECOR + FLORALS: Zeffir Décor
SUIT: Patrik Man
MAKE-UP + HAIR: Kolibri



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