Romantic engagement on the coast of Liguria


Powerfully, the waves of the sea crash against the steep cliffs on land, underscoring the engagement on the beach with a self-composed melody.

In the sunset it is especially nice to dream about the upcoming future as a couple. Arm in arm, hand in hand, their eyes fixed on the same goal.

Their lips have said everything, now it is their hearts that speak. Through a smile, gestures, kisses and touches, you are closer than ever before….

These hearts belong to Eugene and Anastasia, who took time out far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and celebrated their engagement on the coast of Italy.

The enthusiastic film photographers of Kir & Ira Photography had the honor to discreetly observe these precious moments of togetherness and capture the memories of them forever.

“This romantic engagement shoot was created during our spring vacation where we were lucky enough to discover this breathtakingly picturesque corner of Italy, overlooking a majestic view of the Ligurian Coast.” Kir & Ira proudly reveal.

As the great pictures by Kir & Ira Photography suggest, this is a true insider’s tip for undisturbed moments with your loved one.





PHOTOGRAPHY: Kir & Ira Photography
SKIRT DESIGNER: Anastasia Kuchinskaya
MAKE-UP: Irina Kondratenko
FILM LAB: Impression Film Lab


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