On A Golden Field


Fields start to fade; only single ears are waving in the soft late summer´s wind. A warm afternoon sun shines golden onto the farmland, one last salute before she sets.

A young couple bathes in the sun´s last, warming rays of the day, relishing the loneliness and tranquility of nature. Dancing on the hay, retreating into their gorgeous tepee.

On a blanket between cushions they get comfortable to vent their dreams and emotions. Debauching in the easiness of being, delighting in the freedom of their hearts.

Feathers around her neck, suspenders over his jeans shirt, curly hair dancing with every gust of wind – with her amazing pictures of blithe time of togetherness photographer Julia Hofmann takes us onto a journey back to the 70´s where Tamara and Marvin fly high like hippies.

Julia Hofmann captured not only the fantastic lightning atmosphere on the cornfield but also the little intimate moments between the loving couple artfully…

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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FOTOGRAFIE: Julia Hofmann Fotografie
KLEID: Mango
HAARE + MAKE-UP: KATI – Die Hairstylisten


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