Romantic floral composition on Castel Bay in Provence



The arguments of Fine Art are light as a feather, aesthetic and stylish. As if by itself, one stops and marvels. What one sees fascinates and inspires, strengthens and confirms, encourages and inspires.

This beguiling editorial by fine art photographer Christophe Serrano also immediately captivated us. Inspired by the beauty of Provence, the photopoet created a romantic concept with a beguiling world of colors and ravishing details.

Floral designer Virginie Sellem of L’art qui pousse conjured up an elaborate floral arrangement, creating a beautiful symbiosis of glamour, art and naturalness.

From Christophe Serrano : “Located in the town of Hyères in the South East of France, the Castel Bay estate is a treasure hidden by umbrella pines, the emblem of Provence. With a plunging view of the French Riviera, the Castel bay offers a panoramic view of the sea and its sunset. For this sophisticated editorial, I was deeply inspired by this universe, as I am living in the region for several years now, and I never stop saying: “We have the sea, the sun, the umbrella pines, only the most beautiful?”

Surrounded by her team, composed of Virginie Sellem from L’art qui pousse, they imagine a floral wall that completely surrounds the bride, as if plunged into the flower, huddled, embraced by the creepers that surround her. This inspiration combines glamour, art, naturalness, with hand-picked flowers, an incredible mix of Garden Roses, Dahlias, Carnations, Proteas and local foliage.

Aude Violette, wedding dress designer, joined the team and created several outfits, exactly in the original colors. She brought her creative touch with materials such as organza.

The table is set with a cascade of flowers, mixing both opulence and naturalness, a tangle of Garden Roses, Carnations, Dahlias, with little foliage. Each plate is decorated and gives way to a menu created by Bonjour Paper. The makeup artist Fiona Grosso and Carole from Le Salon Sanary … have surpassed themselves, with the incredible red hair of Laurene … accentuated by a few touches of gold on the eyelids.”



Photographer: Christophe Serrano
Film Lab: Carmencita Film Lab
Floral Designer: L’art qui pousse
Dress Designer: Aude Violette
Stationery: Bonjour Paper
Venue: Castel Bay
Make Up: Fiona Grosso
Hair: Le Salon Sanary
Model: Laurene