This elopement in the Italian Marches was inspired by the story of a young couple who secretly escaped to the countryside. The Marches are situated between the Adriatic Sea and Appenin, abundant in lush plants and dark berries, rich in wishes, dreams and whispered sweet nothings.

Warm shades of terracotta and wild green give depth to this day. Resembling Colonial style the peeled off pastel colors seem like a relic of bygone times. Here we find pieces of art from the renaissance era, only pain and severity are far behind. It´s supposed to be a jamboree, joyful and full of love. Full of longing and the dream of future luck, wonderfully arranged by the event designers of Honey and Cinnamon Wed.

We can literally hear the branches in the wind. Birds chirp across the tables outdoors. Greenly seeming raspberries are evenly spread over the table runner and little flower highlights frame the menu. On red tiles we find a ring of amber snuggling into a white cushion of a casket. Only to rise up from the deeply green soul of the day afterwards.

It´s a day full of desire for bygone days which revive new history. On meadows and fields not far away the couple enfolds themselves in their arms to head to the countryside together. Sealing their love with a dear kiss. There´s nothing left to run away from any more.

Let’s dive into the heavenly world of pictures shot by Michael and Carina Photography together.

Translation: Marina Jenewein





PHOTOGRAPHY: Michael and Carina Photography
CONCEPT + STYLING: Honey and Cinnamon Wed
GOWNS: Maria Lluisa Rabell
BRIDAL ACCESSOIRES: Enchanted Atelier By Liv Hart  
SHOES: Mascia Mandolesi  
MAN’S ATTIRE: Sartoria Luca Paolorossi  
STATIONERY: September Letters  
CAKE: La Fabbrica dei Dolci  
MAKE-UP + HAIR : Organic Brides  
RUNNER: Silk and Willow  
VIDEO:  2become1  
LOCATION: Villa e Cantina Malacari  



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