Romantic Venice Love


Powerful-voiced singing, impressive architecture, history-charged past – Venice has a lot to offer and that´s why Ashley and Rishi came here to celebrate their Venice love…

Finally together, finally some time for each other. Feeling close after weeks of longing, falling into each other´s arms after days of waiting.

A loving kiss, a deep look and an affectionate gesture say more than a thousand words. Hearts beat unison again, souls walk together again.

This heartbreaking love story with happy end was brought to us by photographer Callie Manion from her shooting in Italy: „Ashley works in Africa and Rishi lives and works in California. Because they live so far apart, they meet each other all around the world, taking trips to stunning places to connect and see each other again. They try to go to new places every time, meeting in some of the world’s most romantic and inspiring metropolises to once again spend time with each other.“

What a proof of love, what a boundless love that holds them together! On their recent trip Ashley and Rishi asked the incomparable photographer Callie Manion to join them to capture their emotional engagement.

For us it feels like we have been witnessing these big emotions as we get carried away to Venice by the intense pictures by Callie Manion…

Translation: Marina Jenewein




PHOTOGRAPHY: Callie Manion Photography
FILM LAB: PhotoVision


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