Cuban Romance


Time-withered frontages characterize the cityscape. Plaster peels off the walls and colors fade away in the blazing light of the southern sun. Nevertheless, it is those details the island owes its charm and fascination to.

Alleys are multicolored, vivid and loud, the beach awaits us with dramaturgy and foaming power, while just outside the city nature and idyll meld. We´re on Cuba, overwhelmed by the Caribbean flair, passionate temper and impulsive energy.

Event stylist Mana of  Birds & Honey captured those passionate emotions and revived them behind one of Cubas ancient frontages for  The Three Dudes Workshop. The photographers Shane & Lauren took part in this experience and show now us the impressive result.

A stunning gown of white lace by  Claire Pettibone, valuable jewelry by  Susie Saltzman and lush flower arrangements by Siren Floral Co embody what Cuba stands for: vintage yet modern, steeped in history yet magnificent, uncomplicated yet extravagant.

Come with us on this special journey and get to know Cuba from a new perspective. A romantic and touching perspective, that Shane & Lauren caught so palpably for us on camera…

Text and Translation: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAPHER: Shane & Lauren Photography
WORKSHOP: The Three Dudes Workshop
STYLING: Birds & Honey
JEWELLERY: Susie Saltzman
FLORALS: Siren Floral Co
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Emily Phung of Blushed Beaute
STATONERY: Graceline Art
RIBBON: Silk & Willow
RENTALS: Borrowed Blu
MODELS: Heather Hockley + Igor Vladetic



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