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In the Munich design studio of selve munich, noble and modern designer shoes are created: Bridal shoes that underline the style of the wedding dress, whether bohemian, glamorous or urban chic. We are very happy to introduce you to this fantastic label with this interview.


selve munich is a modern shoe online store where brides can also find a great selection of classy shoes. Please tell us the story of how selve came to be.

selve munich was founded in 1999 by Claudia Kieserling, CEO of selve, with the dream of offering every woman the perfect shoe. Our shoe label is a pioneer in “mass customization” and “customer co-design”. For 20 years, selve has been providing women with the highest level of shoe comfort. With this knowledge and skill, selve shoes are also a big deal in BRIDAL. Because especially on such an important day, it is not only important to wear very nice shoes, but also that they fit wonderfully and give security! In our team, which consists only of women, we all of course love to test our own shoes and have compiled the most beautiful models in a ready-to-wear collection in our online store.




Who are the designers and what inspires you for your models?

Leila Alavi designs the selve collections. She draws inspiration from strong female characters – real and fictional. It is especially important to her that the shoes underline a woman’s personality, let her shine and, above all, are easy to wear. Feminine archetypes, challenges in the life of a modern woman and graphic influences mixed with a generous pinch of glamour and fancy details – all this flows into the design language.




What is selve’s philosophy?

selve stands for female empowerment, modern, handmade luxury with responsible standards – and of course for fantastic designer shoes.


What service does selve offer? There is also the possibility to order wish models?

selve offers ready-to-wear collections: the right shoes for every important moment in a woman’s life. Not only for your own wedding, but also for the important business appointment, for the glamorous evening outfit. And because we are a Munich brand also matching shoes to the costume.

In addition, in our studio in Hans-Sachs-Straße we offer the possibility to adjust each model according to your own wishes and to respond to fit requirements. And it is even possible to choose leather type, colors, heel shape and height for the individual dream shoe at our studio.

With all models selve offers the possibility to customize the shoes with the name of the wedding couple and the wedding date, making them a unique souvenir.

All selve shoes are equipped with a special sole technology, characterized by the golden spring on the sole, which makes the classic single sole shoes made of Italian leather more flexible and comfortable.

Another service is the Nubispad, with which you can have your selve shoes padded extra soft.



When should brides order their shoes?

As a rule, selve takes 3 weeks to make the shoes. We recommend ordering the bridal shoes as early as possible, so that the final fittings on the dress can be made directly with the shoes and there is enough time to break in the shoes a little. Because even the best shoes our feet have to get used to.

In case of shortage, we also offer rush service 🙂


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