Sensual Bridal Boudoir Session


A bouquet of fragrant flowers, whose scent reaches her nostrils, young daylight, that shines through the window and finest fabrics, which lie barely noticeable on naked skin kiss the senses of the bride lovingly awake.

The minimalist atmosphere at the Zeitraum 10 ensures an even larger effect of the main protagonists. For one, the bride herself, naturally beautiful and fascinating adorable.

Aware of her sensual femininity she covers her body only with the high quality models of Sina Fischer Design which glide gently down her seductive curves.

Then there’s the delicate shiny beads winding delicately through her blonde hair, combined to a captivating headpiece by Carlina Headpieces. The paper goods by Handwriting Life present themselves equally graceful inviting to today’s feast.

Last but not least there´s these fancy flower arrangements by Saltoflorale in the hands of our bride. Dry and wild yet surprising and refreshing at the same time one can not look away.

Impressive as always the photo artists Mila and Stephen of Vivid Symphony captured these spectacular moments of a wedding for us, which we don´t want to withhold from you any longer.

Translation: Marina Jenewein




BRIDAL ROBES (Lunga, Maglia, Kimono): Sina Fischer Design
HAIRPIECES: Carlina Headpieces
MUAH: Tatiana from Christian Born Friseure
FLORALS: Saltoflorale
STATIONERY: Handwriting Life
LOCATION: Zeitraum10
SHOES: Rainbow via In Love Vintage Brautmode
MODEL: Maria from KS Models 









     Vivid Symphony                   Sina Fischer Design



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