Sensual Bridal Inspiration at Canyon Ridge


The forest behind her is fog-shrouded and gloomy. Our bride turns her back on it to follow the light. Where there is light there´s life. And where there´s life she presumes love.

A bright day on the sunny side of the forest awaits her, where grasses spear and flowers bloom. Where birds sing and creeks gurgle.

Her curly red hair shines in the daylight eminently beautiful, letting her skin seem like porcelain. Pale, delicate and soft it longs for loving impact. Until then the bride relishes the sense of feathery fabrics on her body that cling subtly to her silhouette only held by a golden ribbon.

Event designer Jenny Yi of Chloe + Mint and her team won´t tell us if this bride will ever find true love. Instead they take us on a journey to Canyon Ridge, where the incomparable photographer Beatrice of Luna de Mare captured the creative event designer´s visions on camera.

Together the team complemented the breathtaking scenery of Canyon Ridge with filigree jewelry and gems as well as stunning flower arrangements by Emblem Flowers and a gorgeous robe by Shop Gossamer.

Now dive with us into the world of pictures shot by Luna de Mare and picture this bride´s love story for yourselves…

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAPHY: Luna de Mare 
EVENT DESIGN: Chloe + Mint
GOWN: Shop Gossamer
FLORALS: Emblem Flowers
LABRODITE CROWN: Naturae Designs
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Chiali Meng Artistry
RING: Trumpet & Horn
RUNNER + RIBBON: Silk & Willow
CALLIGRAPHY: Corsivo Calligraphy
VEIL: The Veiled Beauty
MODEL: Laura Gude with Obrink Agency
FILM LAB: Photovision 


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