Siren – Graceful Ocean Bride


From far away waves bring something ashore, it´s a beautiful ocean bride. Wild like the water itself, graceful like the lines it leaves in the sand and with jewelry as sparkling as if it was made of salt crystals her time has come to explore her new empire.

„Through the waves, as if through flowing silk, a Siren steps onto the sea shore. She is beautiful but deceptive, just like the sea surface with hidden sharp cliffs and shoals. Her father ocean made her severe. Her mother muse gave her divine voice. Enjoy Siren’s singing, but never forget: she’s looking straight into your soul.“ photographer Yulia Tarasova and Tatiana Kulesh raves poetically about this project.

Again and again photographers and their teams get drawn to the sea for truly unique images. Also many bridal couples choose the beach as backdrop for great portraits. Hardly anyone can escape from the magic of the ocean, the mysterious depth of the sea, the monotone rushing of the waves and the one-of-a-kind spectacle of sunsets.

With good reason, as we think, when we look at the captivating pictures shot by Yulia Tarasova + Tatiana Kulesh who worked on the fascinating concept together with event planner  Alina Balash.

Details in proper style like faded stationery, filigree jewelry and a stunning dress by Karina Galstyan rounded out the overall picture which Yulia Tarasova captured so artfully on her camera for us.

Translation: Marina Jenewein




PHOTOGRAPHY: Yulia Tarasova + Tatiana Kulesh
PLANNING: Alina Balash
CALLIGRAPHY: Anistasia – Comeee Aliveee
DECOR: Anhelika Milevskaya
ACCESSOIRES: Luceanna Jewelry
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Alesya Denisyuk
MODEL: Karina Momat



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