Sisters At Heart


One is Asian with a skin like porcelain, another European with a pale and noble complexion, the third exotic and slightly colored – three sisters at heart, inseparable, not even through a wedding.

Their difference couldn´t be bigger yet their goal is the same. Walking down the aisle together, as bride and bridesmaids. All in white, rosé and dusky pink. And a little bit of lush green.

Among each other tension fades. They feel secure and understood without any words. And even if there are words spoken they are comforting and loving. They laugh and enjoy the time of preparation…

Three adorable beauties covered with delicate lace and adorned with magnificent blossoms – photographer Celine Chhuon didn´t need much more to create these impressions of a charming bridal party.

A harmonic color concept ran like a golden thread through this day that started with a relaxed getting ready and ended with a refreshing aperitif.

As if it wanted to unite all the different shades the stationery by Atelier Preszburger decorated the inviting table. The ladies are ready, and so are we – to devote ourselves to the pale pink seduction captured by Celine Chhuon.

Translation: Marina Jenewein




PHOTOGRAPHY: Celine Chhuon 
FILM LAB: Carmencita Film Lab 
HAIR & MAKE-UP ARTIST: Alexandra Manai 
LONG LACE ROBE: The Lace Atelier 
LACE KIMONO & DRESS: Violette Tannenbaum 
STATIONERY: Atelier Preszburger 
JEWELRY: Myrtille Beck 


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