Spectacular Eva Poleschinski Show


According to her own statements, Eva Poleschinski had her “most personal” bridal show in beautiful Styria a few days ago. Nothing less than the imposing church of St. Martin served as a spectacular and perfect backdrop for the extravagant designs of the successful designer from Hartberg.

For her, it was both a home game and a great honor, to open the first Hartbergerland Wedding Exhibition with her brand new collection and some hand-picked highlights of her career so far. In three grandiose rounds, she inspired her audience, including renowned Austrian and regional celebrities, with fascinating style breaks, exciting mix of materials and unconventional cuts to give future exhibition visitors a foretaste of what the multifaceted wedding location, Styria has to offer.

To the emotional music of the string quartet, which played four years ago at Eva Poleschinski’s own wedding, her designs surpassed each other from round to round in color, glamor and extravagance, ranging from simple to romantic to opulent, and captivated the crowd with subtle details and seductive transparency. So it all started with playful dresses in white and pale pastels and ended brilliantly with elaborate robes in elegant ruby red, graceful emerald green and precious gold.

For the first time, the breathtakingly beautiful coats that Eva Poleschinski created in collaboration with Vossen Design were on show.

Magical, unique and impressive – just like the home of the gifted artist itself. No wonder Styria, with its idyllic landscapes, the first-class cuisine and the warmth of the Styrians becomes more and more popular for weddings, whose bridal couples are looking for something really special.

This very special moment, which Eva Poleschinski was allowed to experience here in her hometown, was captured by photographer Markus Schlamadinger of A Twist of Lemon. His expressive pictures are probably going down in the history of Hartbergerland just like Eva Poleschinski´s fashion show did…



FOTOGRAFIE: A Twist of Lemon
VERANSTALTER: Tourismusverband Hartbergerland
LOCATION: St. Martin Kirche, Hartberg
MUSIK: Leitung Hermine Pack, Streichquartett & E-Piano
HAARE & MAKE-UP: Sandra Pichler
FLORISTIK: Blumen Andrea & Florist Buchsbaum
BRILLEN: Andy Wolf Eyewear
SCHUHE: Salamander
MODELS: Karin Hočevar, Nika K., Tatjana M., Lia, Eva K., Robin, Tjaša @ Model Group, Jana, Theresa @ Body & Soul, Alexandra @ Wiener Models