Spring awakening with the radiance of mimosas



When spring awakens, nature prepares to unfold its full splendor and the first buds poke their little heads into the fresh air, the scent of blossoms is in the air.

Photographer Francesco Mantino was inspired by the luminous power of mimosa for this unique shoot. Together with florist Andrea Patrizi he created a floral firework full of poetry and aesthetics.

From Francesco Mantino: “March 8, International Women’s Day, is celebrated with a sprig of mimosa: it is a custom born in Rome in 1946. After the war, March 8 was also celebrated in Italy: in a preparatory meeting in the capital, the idea of ​​putting a flower in the buttonhole that could characterize the day, such as the red carnation for May 1st. We needed a flower available at the beginning of March, since at the time there were few greenhouses and no flowers arrived by plane. The young Romans then came to mind those trees covered with yellow flowers, when the plants were still bare, which grew luxuriantly in so many gardens in Rome .

The flowering mimosa was offered by children to mothers, from boyfriends to girlfriends, from husbands to wives, from managers to office workers. A happy choice also symbolically because mimosa indicates the transition from death to a state of life in the light.

Our job was to emphasize light, colors and shapes of the woman immersed in a delicate and refined context like Mimosa.

A project that wants to do justice to women, an impressive amount of mimosas skilfully worked first on suspended lianas and then in a composition that starts from a Medici vase until it descends softly to the ground as a single sweet mass. The photographic combination of the poses combined with the curves of the floral compositions is interesting and deliberate.

The extraordinary jewelry by Fabio Salini and the stylish dress by Antonio Grimaldi  completes the fantastic work of art.”




Photography: Francesco Mantino 
Flower design: Andrea Patrizi 
Dress: Antonio Grimaldi 
Cake: Rosa Montingelli
Jewels: Fabio Salini 
Hair: Anna Cais 
Mua: Claudio Noto 


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