Springfeeling in shades of yellow


Spring presents itself from its most beautiful side this year and inspired many excited wedding service providers to arrange romantic shootings.

The photographers Tanja and Josef are two of them. They had the idea to implement a springlike theme with lovely details in the colors yellow, white and green into an adorable photo-shooting.

Among the dreamy ambience of Gut Schloss Lichtengraben with its splendidly blooming garden they staged a fire-work of lovely inspirations.

It’s so much fun to discover all the little details!

They pictured wonderful sceneries like the first look, a free wedding ceremony and an iviting picknick in the meadow.

A delightful candy bar decorated the garden and attracted with delicious sweets.

We also fell in love with the floral decoration which Blumen Isabella created so gorgeously: a costly arranged flower arch for the ceremony, the floral hair ribbon, the many little flower-arrangements and the extraordinary bridal bouquet made of artichoke are just some of them.

Even the bridal couple and their enchanting looks fascinate us. The groom in his casual outfit with braces and the yellow bow tie is our favourite, and the bride in her classy and elegant dresses designed by Christina Taupe – brautgeflüster, the nice accessoiries and her beautiful styling is pure eye-candy, too.

On top of all that there’s this amazingly decorated table with a lot of adorable decoration items in shades of yellow, green and white.

Let’s get carried away into a fascinating world of weddings by this paradise of pictures shot by Tanja and Josef. It’s pure inspiration!

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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 Dieses wunderschöne Video von Tanja und Josef lässt uns in das bezaubernde Feeling dieses Frühjahrsshooting eintauchen:


FOTOGRAFIE UND FILM: Tanja und Josef Photographie & Film
BRAUTMODE: brautgeflüster mit Kleidern von noni und Lindegger – Küss die Braut
VISAGISTIN: Nadja Tschinder
LOCATION: Gut Schloss Lichtengraben
MODELS: Melanie Kräuter & Daniel Fratschko



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