Style and aesthetics of the unconventional wedding stylist Anna from Kiss from Fleur


Wedding stylist Anna-Jill Gierhards of Kiss from Fleur inspires us with her fine sense of aesthetics and style. She loves unconventional weddings and with her passion for innovative and modern designs, she is always discovering new perspectives.

We invited her for an interview and are very excited to dive into the amazing world of this creative artist.



Dear Anna, as a wedding stylist you care intensively about the wishes and ideas of your bridal couples. What makes your work different from that of a wedding planner?

I think the difference is in the details. Let’s imagine Wedding Planners are like a big white canvas. They draw the contours of a picture by planning, structuring and organizing to give a wedding a solid foundation. As a wedding stylist, on the other hand, I care more about the motif, that certain something, unobtrusive accents and creating emotion.

With my background in fashion design, I have an unerring sense of upcoming trends and what my clients want: something new, unprecedented and unique that reflects their personalities, makes their guests forget everything around them and bears my signature. So in a Wedding Stylist there is always a little free spirit and visionary for upcoming wedding trends.



After all, your own wedding should be something very special. Many bridal couples put a lot of time, energy and nerves into the organization. What is your advice to them?

Enjoy! Enjoy being engaged. Enjoy making plans together. Enjoy the exciting time before the wedding. You want to share your happiness with friends and family? Then put the organization and responsibility for your big day in trustful professional hands, instead of distributing various tasks to your guests. With a well-coordinated team at your side, you can sit back and relax and concentrate on what’s important, namely yourself.

Also, you should be aware that your wedding has to make only you happy. Don’t try to please everyone. Dare to break with tradition if it feels right to you. And don’t be dissuaded from your path just because friends or relatives would go another. You are unique and so will your wedding.




So, a Wedding Stylist makes the wedding preparations a lot easier. What exactly can your future customers expect from you?

Perfect imperfection. Less is more. It’s not about overloading a venue with flowers or accommodating a huge color palette in the decor. It is much more important to make any location your location through the skillful use of colors and style elements, without making it look overstyled. Natural design but with style. Casual details but purposefully placed. Restrained but with clear statements. Timeless, so you’ll remember it fondly for the rest of your lives together.



Whether it’s an elopement or a big celebration, more and more brides and grooms are traveling abroad for their weddings. Does the Kiss from Fleur service exist for destination weddings?

Yes of course! This is a popular trend that will continue in 2019. One destination that is still an absolute insider tip, however, is Greece. Clear, white sand, hidden coves and turquoise sea are perfect for unforgettable beach weddings. But how about a dreamy Winter Wedding in the mountains, for example? Or a BoHo inspired Country Wedding at the Donkey Farm? Because what hardly anyone knows, Greece also has to offer. Personally, though, I fell in love with the rose gold Sunset, which radiates such a magical calm, especially in the fall, and bathes the white houses in a soft pink light. Combined with the minimalist architecture and unspoiled nature, the ambience is simply predestined for unique elopements and weddings. Greece has cast its spell on me and I am particularly pleased to have been able to realize great projects with renowned service providers and designers here as well.

The extraordinary photo workshop series called “The Secret Owl” is one of them. Together with a handpicked team consisting of international wedding service providers, we will rock Greece in 2019 and organize regular workshops for photographers in gorgeous destinations Rhodes, Crete and Athens, where I will be allowed to step in front of the participants as a stylist and speaker alongside the other initiators. So I have an intense time ahead of me, filled with challenging tasks and hopefully numerous Greek Destination Weddings!



Have we made you curious? You want your wedding to reflect your personality and be remembered as an unforgettable day? Anna from Kiss from Fleur is happy to accompany you.


Photos: Cornelia Lietz, Tanja Kibogo

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