Styled Elopement with simple Elegance 


Magnificent the estate, groomed its garden. A majestic house of Georgian architecture sits enthroned in its center. Light floods every room through big windows with bright sunshine.

Artful stucco, valuable wallpaper, ancient furniture and priceless heirlooms – even on second sight the pompous building delivers what the first one promises. Predestinated for a royal wedding without imperial entourage…

„Perhaps the best description of this styled elopement shoot is that it is quietly subtle,“ photographer Inna Kostukovsky from London gives us first hints on the following pictures which originated during a workshop by the Russian wedding agency Wedding Blues Agency.

Among the breathtaking ambience of Nonsuch Mansion in Surrey, England, creative director Irina Ruban created dreamlike inspirations of of a very special elopement with stylish accessories from WedHead and stunning flower arrangements by Okishima Simmonds.

„The stylists’ method was nearly magical in its disarmingly simple direction.  They incorporated subtle hues of beige and gold to complement spacious interior of the Mansion.  Simple romantic gown by Cathytelle added to the harmonious atmosphere of tranquility and tender playfulness.“ photographer Inna Kostukovsky raves on.

Elegance at the highest state that shines with simplicity and naturalness – here Inna Kostukovsky shows us what this one-of-a-kind combination looks like on her impressive pictures.

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAPHER: Inna Kostukovsky 
PLANNERS / ORGANIZERS: Wedding Blues Agency 
WEDDING GOWN: Cathytelle
FLORALS: Okishima Simmonds 
MAKE-UP + HAIR: Lin & Lo Makeup 
VENUE: Nonsuch Mansion 



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