SUNRISE Vow Renewal in Tuscany


Are you ready for an overdose of love, never ending romance and undisturbed togetherness in picturesque surroundings? Then we have just the right thing for you here: a vow renewal for the 5th wedding anniversary!

“My husband and I traveled to Italy last fall and celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary with a very special and intimate vow renewal.“Reagan reveals. And since she´s the wedding planner of Events by Reagan she exactly knows how it´s done.

„As a wedding planner, I have had the privilege of working with Anul and Bijal Shah of Sansaara Photography.  I shared with them that we were planning to renew our vows just the two of us while in Italy and the hopeless romantics that they are, traveled with us to Italy to document our vow renewal. They also suggested the abandoned and secluded Cappella della Madonna di Vitaleta in the Italian Tuscan countryside.“Reagan raves about the passionate photographers.

This little chapel, an intimate ceremony, and the magical light of the rising sun were both beginning and end for Reagan and Grant Barnes.

„We chose to do it in the quiet of daybreak.  To us, renewing our vows at sunrise was symbolic of a new beginning and all of the challenges we had overcome.“Reagan got emotional.

As memorable, incomparabe and indescribable as it had begun, this day also ended for Reagan and her Grant: „After renewing our vows on the hilltop in front of the chapel, we took a stroll down the old streets of Pienza, stopped for a cappuccino, then ended the day with a tour of the Tuscan countryside stopping for sunset photos in some of the most picturesque places I have ever seen.“

Although it was not a wedding in the classical sense, of course, a bridal bouquet was not missing. Reagan had it tailor made by the local florists of Puscina Flowers to match her blush-colored dress.

Wedding planner Reagan also thought of the appropriate stationery: friend and wedding calligrapher Elizabeth Porcher Jones penned the meaningful vows in gold ink on blush paper.

So this is the result when a successful wedding planner is organising her own wedding day anniversary and is only teaming up with the best of the best: a thrilling and heart-warming journey to Tuscany, captured by Sansaara Photography.

Translation: Marina Jenewein




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