Recently goldsmith master Michaela Römer organized an enchanting love shoot with her unique jewelry. Here she talks about her work, sustainability and her inspirations:

“Continuous change accompanies us in our lives as something we have always known, but not always loved – and can not permanently stop in any case. Since this realization is also valid for my website and I did not want to fly abroad again for a shoot, that was the motivation to organize a photo shoot with Vicky Baumann in Bonn – her home town. Thanks to her wonderful networking, she was able to engage two great people – a dreamlike couple as perfect models for our shoot.  Michèle & Felix convey love in every picture and somehow it’s always all about love…

In my goldsmiths I meet people every day who visit me in my workshop with and because of these feelings. And that´s what makes my job so special. But of course it’s about more than feelings. It’s also about sustainability – a g big word… A sustainable symbol of a sustainable promise and sustainable feelings.

Creating such symbols is my profession and sustainability plays a key role here as well. My clients’ expectations of my HAeNDeWERK, with fairly sourced and traded raw materials, recycled materials, and transparent processes are very much in line with my own attitudes towards life and our nature.

To make this even more transparent, I completely redesigned my website and presented the elements of love, sustainability and HAeNDeWERK as I understand and live them.

Vicky has beautifully portrayed in her photos with Michèle & Felix what it’s all about… Jewelry that enhances your smile and that you can really be proud of.”



Schmuckfotos: Michaela Römer

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