Black Is Beautiful


Dangerously black and long like temptation, beguilingly red and short like passion.

Floatingly soft fabrics envelop her delicate silhouette, reveal a lot yet not all.

Know how to cover certain locations of her body, leave it up to an observer´s phantasy to guess what´s underneath.

Her big, innocent eyes allure us in a magical way, her full lips long for a kiss. A beauty like her won´t wait long for someone to fulfill this wish…

Many times Texas proofed impressively that it has many worth seeing and unique places to offer. Photographer  Jenna McElroy and stylist  Jill Watson adds one more breathtaking location onto the list.

On her pictures she showcases tempting lingerie in fascinating interaction with the mansion, its stone walls and archways of an old yet well-preserved castle ruin.

Captivating make-up accentuated the model´s flawless beauty and combined gentle seduction with the rough ambience in a wonderful way.

Lay back and get ready to get overwhelmed by Jenna McElroy´s pictures of sexy lingerie and this amazing location…

Text and Translation: Marina Jenewein


boudoir-shoot-schwarze-lingerie_0001 boudoir-shoot-schwarze-lingerie_0002 boudoir-shoot-schwarze-lingerie_0003 boudoir-shoot-schwarze-lingerie_0004 boudoir-shoot-schwarze-lingerie_0005 boudoir-shoot-schwarze-lingerie_0006 boudoir-shoot-schwarze-lingerie_0007 boudoir-shoot-schwarze-lingerie_0008 boudoir-shoot-schwarze-lingerie_0010 boudoir-shoot-schwarze-lingerie_0011 boudoir-shoot-schwarze-lingerie_0012 boudoir-shoot-schwarze-lingerie_0013 boudoir-shoot-schwarze-lingerie_0014 boudoir-shoot-schwarze-lingerie_0015 boudoir-shoot-schwarze-lingerie_0016 boudoir-shoot-schwarze-lingerie_0017 boudoir-shoot-schwarze-lingerie_0018 boudoir-shoot-schwarze-lingerie_0019


PHOTOGRAPHY: Jenna McElroy Photography
STYLING: Jill Watson
MAKE-UP + HAIR: Nicole with Lola Beauty 
FILM SCANS: Photovisions
MODEL: Irena Kukh



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