The Aesthetic of a Minimalist Bride


Simple elegance, reflecting in clear shapes, a handful of colors and a few details, surround this minimalist bride on her wedding day.  

White dominates, followed by washed-out gray blue. Sunlight floods the barren space, letting the floral highlights shine even brighter.  

With a love letter and sweet fruits, she welcomes this morning, lets her eyes wander and her thoughts fly…

„We wanted to tell a story of a minimalist bride on the morning of her wedding. The approach was subtle; meant to reveal raw emotions through movement, materials, muted decor, and architecture.“ Melissa Vitoria-Figueroa of Epoch Design told us.

Subtle was also the unique New White bridal dress, which turned this young beauty unmistakably into a bride. A blooming bridal bouquet of Lovely Blooms Florals completed her appearance perfectly and gave, like the other artistic floral arrangements too, every scene it´s finishing touch.  

„The greenery displayed a soft and romantic ambiance which unified the vast loft space with warmth and airy sentiment.“ Melissa of Epoch Design raves.

We are always fascinated, what an amazing effect can be achieved with only a few, selected details. Like this minimalist artwork Meiwen Wang Photography captured on fantastic pictures.

Translation: Marina Jenewein



Photography + Ceramics: Meiwen Wang Photography
Design + Stationery: Epoch Design
Gown: The New White
HMUA: Page Beauty
Florals: Lovely Blooms Florals
Cake: Wednesday Cake
Model: misskararose
Linens: Linen Fox
Jewelry: Starling