The artful world of Floral Designer Tabea Maria-Lisa


Whenever long, brown hair turns into a sea of flowers, warm candlelight spreads the scent of floral artwork across the room and generously filled flower vases string together on a richly laid table, we recognize the thumbprint of floral designer Tabea Maria-Lisa.

A little Tuscany, a bit of Provence. A hint of the Old World, a touch of modernity. Just like in the design of her masterpieces, the exceptional artist sets new standards when it comes to staging her masterpieces.

Courageously she thinks outside the box and processes whatever she finds out there: grace, beauty and elegance in their purest form. Naturally her dreamlike arrangements reflect the spirit of the times and season each wedding design with uniqueness and extravagance.

Together with photographer mat.kb she created a world of her own, which exclusively revolved around to her fragrant craft. A world in which an elaborate branch becomes a modern chandelier and buds, flowers and leaves complete every scene. The pale colors white, cream, blush and rosé, seem to dominate. But in the end, it’s a symbiosis with the delicate blue and gray tones of mat.kb´s stationery, in which the hand-picked details come together with the help of gold accents.

And it´s exactly this symbiosis that multi-talented mat.kb captured on the following, impressive pictures for us. So immerse yourself in the world of floral designer Tabea Maria-Lisa!



FILM SCAN LAB: Photovision Prints 
MAKE-UP & HAIR: Sinem Yavsaner 
DRESS: Celestine of Carol Hannah
SILK RIBBONS: Silk & Willow
CINEMATOGRAPHY: David & Kathrin 

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