The Beautiful Spirit Of A Bride


Behind massive walls the beautiful spirit of a bride longs for redemption, for liberation through love. Hardly audible, she hovers from one window to the next, hoping to find help in the foreign world outside. 

No one knows how many years or maybe centuries she has been here. However, she is no stranger to the change of time, which has left its marks on the once imposing house of god. 

It is their destiny to be the beauty that waits for something that will never happen, as the photographers Hannah and Jaron of Peaches & Twine told us: „It is a story of a woman trapped. Forced into waiting for her groom, unable to escape this church that now sits in ruins. So she sits at the window, longing for liberation from this cage that surrounds her, knowing it will never happen.“

An unconventional, smoothly flowing robe by Jolienne Collection underlined the image of an eerie bride, with her sad eyes and pale make-up her. Just a lushly green bouquet of Flowers by Roo is the only accessory that courts for attention with her. 

„This editorial was planned as a simple way of portraying a classic, unusual beauty, as a ghostly presence in the eerie ruins of this historic church called The Abbey on Monroe that burned down in the 80s. I wanted to create something hauntingly beautiful, bringing everything back to a basic bridal session, focused on her story, rather than the distraction of pretty details that seem to take away from the mood of it all.“ the artists explained.

We love the idea to focus on the essentials and can hardly wait to sink into the fascinating world of the images by Peaches & Twine with you.

Translation: Marina Jenewein




PHOTOGRAPHER: Peaches & Twine Photography
DRESS DESIGNER: Jolienne Collection
VENUE: The Abbey on Monroe
HAIR: Molly Bardon
MAKE-UP: Carolina Takahashi
FILM LAB: The Find Lab
MODEL: Chronically Healed


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