The Beauty And The Desert


Relentlessly the sun burns over the barren desert, mercilessly heating up rocks and sand. Yet still it´s the massive rocks giving shade to others.

Shade where grasses don´t dry up, where bushes don´t fade and where feet don´t burn in the sand. Feet like those of a graceful bride appearing like a mirage in the distance.

Neither drought nor heat are able to belittle her glance, young and beautiful she´s personified life. It seems as if nature took her as an example letting cactuses bloom and bushes blossom.

This is where photographer Joshua Aull lets worlds as different as day and night collide to let captivating contrasts and fascinating inspirations unfold.

With a reserved bridal style he created a noticeable connection to the deserted nature while her seducing dress and her beguiling look were really unsurpassable in vividness.

Joshua Aull skillfully complemented this dreamlike white dress with a flower dream by Isari Flower Studio + Event Design, a turban-like veil and gorgeous stationery by The Left Handed Calligrapher.

It didn´t take more to reanimate this breathtaking scenery with these stunning bridal inspirations…

Text and Translation: Marina Jenewein


Stilvolles-Wuestenshoot-Joshua-Tree_0001 Stilvolles-Wuestenshoot-Joshua-Tree_0002 Stilvolles-Wuestenshoot-Joshua-Tree_0004 Stilvolles-Wuestenshoot-Joshua-Tree_0005 Stilvolles-Wuestenshoot-Joshua-Tree_0006 Stilvolles-Wuestenshoot-Joshua-Tree_0007 Stilvolles-Wuestenshoot-Joshua-Tree_0008 Stilvolles-Wuestenshoot-Joshua-Tree_0008a Stilvolles-Wuestenshoot-Joshua-Tree_0009a Stilvolles-Wuestenshoot-Joshua-Tree_0010 Stilvolles-Wuestenshoot-Joshua-Tree_0011 Stilvolles-Wuestenshoot-Joshua-Tree_0012 Stilvolles-Wuestenshoot-Joshua-Tree_0013 Stilvolles-Wuestenshoot-Joshua-Tree_0014 Stilvolles-Wuestenshoot-Joshua-Tree_0015 Stilvolles-Wuestenshoot-Joshua-Tree_0017 Stilvolles-Wuestenshoot-Joshua-Tree_0017a Stilvolles-Wuestenshoot-Joshua-Tree_0018 Stilvolles-Wuestenshoot-Joshua-Tree_0018a Stilvolles-Wuestenshoot-Joshua-Tree_0019


PHOTOGRAPHY: Joshua Aull Photography
FLORAL DESIGN: Isari Flower Studio + Event Design
WEDDING GOWN: Rue De Seine by The Dress Theory
STATIONERY: The Left Handed Calligrapher
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Bridal Artist Agency
RIBBON: Frou Frou Chic
FILM LAB: Photovision


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