The bond between a woman and nature



A woman is like a flower, with her exquisite line form, captivating complex color palate, and enticing scent. You gaze at this flower and are unable to comprehend how something can be some wonderful.

A woman is like the sea: free and strong like the wave she picks you up foams over with every movement of her body.

A woman is like a field: every blade of grass, every ear of wheat is permeated by sunlight; warm and full of light you can touch her and feel yourself overcome with her life force.

A woman is like a bird: you can forever study her soft gentle feathers, elegant curves and delicate lines; when she spreads her wings you will stare in wonder as she flies

A woman is your roots your beginning.

This extraordinary editorial by photographer Yulia Galygina and planners Karina Galstyan and Veronika Marchenko is about refined contrasts and light and shadow. It is about compromise, balance and harmony as an exciting link between feminine sensuality and the silence of nature.

From Yulia Galygina: “In our photoshoot we reveal the bond between a woman and nature. The shoot took place in two locations. The first was my studio. The interior of the studio coupled with the complex tones and textures of the dresses created a feeling of a live painting.

The second part of the shoot took place outside, in a field, against the backdrop of giant ancient oaks. My dresses incorporate certain stylized elements of traditional clothing. For example, the cornflower, which has historically been an important symbol in Belarus culture, was used as a decorative accent in one of the dresses. I think it is important not to forget ones roots while chasing the latest trends and styles.

As a designer I would like the brides appearance to be full, deep, and accent her history, her character and her beauty.

I would like for the bride to feel beautiful, magical, but most importantly herself on her wedding day.”





Photography: Yulia Galygina
Planning/ Designer: Karina Galstyan
Planning: Veronika Marchenko
Make Up: Liza Gromadko
Hair: Belyavsky Sergey
Model Agency: Blanc Models