The Bond Between Sisters


Lovingly she strokes her sister´s hair, trusting looks tell each other what they think. Giggling blithely like a child, leaning against each other and talking like women.

On this special day these two sisters aid one another even more than usual, sharing moments of luck as well as moments of insecurity. Taking what may come and longing for this day´s events together.

„There is a unique bond between sisters that reveals itself in the sweetest of moments.“ the organizers of this Forage & Fern workshops with Magnolia Rouge informed us.

„The tenderness between sisters is captured beautifully in the styling of Carrie from Type A Society. The combination of her expert eye paired with the florals of Ponderosa & Thyme and stunning gowns from Samuelle Couture and Gossamer really brought the vision to life.“

Delicate colors, lots of nature and Tuscan flair were the remaining ingredients for this beguiling cocktail of grace, sweetness and love between sisters that photographer and workshop attendant KT Crabb captured so alluringly on camera for us.

Text and Translation: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAPHY: KT Crabb Photography
FORAGE + FERN WORKSHOP with Magnolia Rouge
STYLING: Type A Society
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Jess Wilcox
FLORALS: Ponderosa & Thyme
VENUE: Holman Ranch
GOWNS: Samuelle Couture & Gossamer
VEIL: Girl with a serious dream
RIBBON + SHAWL: Silk & Willow
RING: Trumpet & Horn
MODELS: Ava & Jane Collins from JE Model Management





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