The essence of a rock and the strength of a diamond



With a passion for the extraordinary, for bold femininity, the purity of feelings and for the power of language, event planner Silvia Baronelli of Collateral Beauty designed this expressive editorial.

Devotedly she created mystical moments in a magical atmosphere, captured by Francesco Fornaini in an incomparable imagery.

Von Silvia Baroncelli: “The essence of a rock and the strength of a diamond, is a story of pure, absolute, contemporary and metaphysic love. This is the story of a women who manages to blossoms within an arid habitat.


Today, with shyness and determination. Her personality is a tribute the great strength of a delicate however audacious femininiity. An awareness which grows and is fed by life choices and by the defined journey made of rock and designed by the wind.

Sometimes strong. Sometimes gentle.

Images which capture the beauty of each single instant, in a magical atmosphere. Cold metal tones, vibrate on the humid and solid surface of the rock. With their deep roots and survival skills, floral structures tailor words of forever promises. Beauty blossoms, no maJer what.

Daylight sinks into diamond faces, to be able to resurface strong and determinate. The beautiful and sharp reflection, resonates all around. Everywhere, as she is.

The male presence is just an allegory in between the storylines. At the begging is the helicopter, which takes her and represents the will to make it, no maJer what, and the possibility of reaching far away places. Then the ancient Persian Greyhound comes into the scene, loyal, indomitable and companion of endless journeys in hostile territories.

Male and female. Together.

Her strength is kept in the simplicity of her feelings which are pure and honest. She does not express the physical power of the rock yet she shows herself for who she really is, with all her weaknesses. This is a great virtue. It’s the impossible which becomes possible, as with Love.

The delicate movement of intangible fabric like silk and organza, gently touches the raw materiality of the handcrafted ceramic mise en place, contaminated by the primitivity of the black rock. The reflexion vibrates on the rocks intimate surface and slips down, with the gentleness of a timeless gesture.

The inner will reaches a perfect essential balance when she emerges from the rock. As the majestic structure embedded in the rock.

It’s the absolute metamorphosis of love.”




Planning/Design/Style: Silvia Baroncelli

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