The graceful dance of two lovers




The dance of two lovers is like a dream, in which passion becomes a rhythmic confession of love on the waves of melodies.

Love knows many languages. Ballet is one of them. A dance that could not have given more fitting expression to this extraordinary editorial. And so the dance love game turns into a magical love story in which the graceful couple talk about their innermost feelings without words.


From Event planner Veronika Marchenko:Ballet is a dance of generations around the world.  Ballet is tenderness and passion;  romance and a riot of emotions;  versatility and lightness;  classic and modern. We were inspired to create this project by the story of our couple, their activities and creative nature. Supporting the artist, we created a visual that formed the overall concept of the entire project. The main task of our team was to draw this fine line between the dance and the couple themselves, to emphasize their story, but not to make them a working portfolio photography. We chose neutral background shades to focus on the couple and details. Airiness and lightness are what the viewer should feel.  This became our main goal.


In the image of the bride, given the fact that Maya is a ballerina, we decided to leave the standard vision and do something unique.  We set a clear task to use this lightness in makeup and not to overload the image with complex styling. We approached the design of the outfit very seriously, we needed to create a dress that would perfectly fit the overall look: graceful and flowing.  The designer Olga Manyukevich perfectly coped with this task, complementing the outfit with personalized accessories.


We have taken great care in detail.  We used the symbol of ballet – pointe shoes, handmade calligraphy from Olga Manyukevich and sheet music.  For a bright accent, we rented an antique piano and a candelabrum. In floristry, it was decided not to use a bright palette, but to use shades of white and beige.  Our flower fairy Veronika Dren certainly did an excellent job with this task and created a composition that resembles a snow-white cloud. The sweet accessory throughout the shoot became a separate and bright accent.  Handmade cake from Damaster Cake is sustained in a common palette of shades.


Thanks to our talented photographer Yulia Galygina and videographer Yauheni Grischenko, we can completely immerse ourselves in this unique dance of the ballet genre, live this story together and become a little closer to the amazing world of art.”


From bride Maya:‘Our first meeting took place 5 years ago at the Musical Comedy Theater, where I came to work.  I remember Anton came up to me and offered to take an excursion around the theater, and I immediately liked him.  At that time, I did not understand Russian very well and Anton helped me overcome the language barrier … He always supported me and became a good friend to me. Today I dont even remember in which dance  number we danced for the first time together, but I remember that it was very exciting for me.  Time flew by quickly and we worked hard.  Trainings, performances and tours: we didnt notice how we became very close and spent all the time together.


 Our official first date took place during a City Day Holiday.  I remember how Anton squeezed my hand so that I would not get lost in the crowd.  We walked around the city, ate ice cream and talked a lot.  At that moment I realized – Anton is more than a friend to me.  I want us to be together forever, to hold hands like this, to become a couple …


 Years passed and our relations developed: we danced all the time, rested together and visited countries. Our dance has become our passion.  We deeply value each other and our relationship.  This is our creative world. ” 


From groom Anton:”I was already dancing in the theater when I first met Maya.  I remember how we were told that new artists would join our group.  Among our new colleagues, I saw this fragile and tender girl.  She smiled all the time.  I learned that Maya was originally from Japan and I wanted to introduce her into our culture, to show her the city and our traditions.


 We spent a lot of time together and became good friends.  She told me about her country and traditions.  It was always interesting for me to listen to her, we could sit and talk for hours.  Years passed and I realized how dear she was to me.  I knew that we should be together.  On the first date, I allowed myself to kiss her on the cheek.  So our relationship acquired a new status.  We’re a couple now.  I’m sure – Maya is my person and I want to hold my way with her.”






Photography: Yulia Galygina
Event Planning: Veronika Marchenko
Coordination: Darya Alesına
Floral Design: Veronika Dren
Dress: Olga Novik
Video: Yauheni Grischenko
Hair: Katerina Bulei
MakeUp: Iryna Skomoroshko
Calligraphy: Olga Manyukevich
Cake: Damaster Cake
FilmLab: Lighthouse Film Lab

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