The Haiku Mill – Where Wedding Dreams Come True


For this unique editorial Magnolia Rouge turned the breathtaking Haiku Mill on Hawaii into a wedding paradise for brides who don´t want to choose between nature and elegance.

Almost shy and insecure the bride looks out of the window; a delicate veil is all that touches her skin impalpably. She closes her eyes just to open them only a moment later – full of self-confidence and seduction.

A golden robe attends her veil, breathtakingly opulent and stunningly voluminous. Graceful and dignified she strides her empire to come to rest on moss-covered stone stairs to find herself.

Yet her thoughts push her towards the sea. Where the brawl of the waves cover up her concerns and where the wind blows away her sorrows. Here she´s free, enjoys the moment and gets carried away by the breeze.

Black on white and white on black forceful calligraphy adorns classy stationery. Dark yet elegant, delicate yet insistently it invites us to become a part. A part of the moment when the table is set and candles are lit…

Magnificent flower arrangements by florist Mandy Grace Designs, admirable stationery by The Little North Sea Studio, filigree headpieces by Enchanted Atelier by Liv Hart and an unforgettably glamorous robe – specially designed for this shoot by designer Elizabeth Dye – united in front of photographer Ashley Kelemen’s camera and formed a never seen before piece of art that some brides surely dream of… But see for yourselves!

Text: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAPHY: Ashley Kelemen
PHOTOGRAPHY ASSISTANT: Wendy Laurel Photography
VENUE: Haiku Mill, Hawaii
FLORIST: Mandy Grace Designs
VEIL + HAIR ACCESSOIRES: Enchanted Atelier by Liv Hart
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Jessica Waite Makeup Artistry
JEWELLERY: Trumpet & Horn
STATIONERY: The Little North Sea Studio
CERAMICS: Seeds & Stone
TABLE RENTALS: Signature Boutique Event Rentals



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