The New Kisui Berlin Collection 2020 – transparent seduction


Now it will be modern, surprising and feminine, because the new Kisui Berlin collection 2020 “Home is where my heart is” is pure transparent seduction!

In our fast-moving world, home and loving rituals give us security and love. With prints, exquisite lace and special materials such as neoprene and latex, Kisui Berlin has set extraordinary accents on this theme.


The Designs

With a bang called “Lucid Dresses”, the successful bridal fashion label caused a sensation in the new season: delicate gowns made of elaborate fabrics, which nestle like a second skin on immaculate bridal silhouettes and give them a glimpse of naked skin.

At least that´s what it looks like at first glance. In reality, these extraordinary bridal gowns are only semi-transparent and become a perfect illusion with matching underwear and skirts. For brides who want to feel even more dressed, there is also an opaque underdress.

Either way, you will give your summer wedding a breathtaking highlight with these unique designs of Kisui Berlin and top it off with an airy-light festival feeling.





OUI Collection

The new OUI collection, which includes not only the newly interpreted romantic classics but also the playful two-parter for the first time, presents itself as slightly more elegant yet extravagant.

The selection is again overwhelming at Kisui Berlin this season. It wasn´t easy, but here we have put together our favorites of the two collections. So sit back and let yourself be inspired!



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