The splendor of love around the turn of century – an opalescent decadence like it stemmed from a painting got showcased modern interpreted at the photo workshop by KT Merry and the event designers of Pearl & Godiva in Amsterdam.

An unprecedented wedding inspiration, pictorial, dreamy and poetic like the memories of this bygone era. A tribute to Fin de Siécle combined with a whiff of French lust for life and the magic of a sensual Femme Fatale.

Patricia Rademacher captured this fire-work of purple and golden inspirations on her camera for us.

Picturesque elegance probably has many faces: one of them is the bride enjoying the silence before the storm all by herself in the bridal room. Wearing a golden two-piece lace dress – plain yet nifty in design. Her open hair swirls softly around her face while she looks thoughtfully into the distance. Ready for what will come.

She wants to spend the last hours before the wedding with her groom. Together they indulge in love and their wonderful stationery with handwritten purple and golden calligraphy. Luxuriant and sensual.

Matching the evenly gorgeous flower arrangements which oversized and brilliant become a floral backdrop. Here and there some golden bowls with fresh fruits, ancient furniture and the bridal couple in the middle – together they blend into an artful still life.

Finally, the couple´s moment has come and they appear with a totally different style. An elegant pinned updo replaced the artful turban while statement earrings and a beige-golden dress created a floral art nouveau attitude.

Her make-up is nude to contrast with simplicity. Expressively they stroll through the grand castle grounds with the majestic bridal bouquet always in her hand…

Let´s get carried away into a shining wedding world by the impressive pictures by Patricia Rademacher.

Text: Yvonne Bosch, Translation: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAPHY: Patricia Rademacher
WORKSHOP EWC 2015 with KT Merry
GOWNS: Damask gown from Vera Wang, Tadashi gold lace gown from Covet; Maria Luisa Rabel green tulle dress from Myrtle Ivory;
HAIR: Lonneke from Fashion Hair Stylist
MAKE-UP: Sophie McMullan from Beautisserie
FLORALS: Ruby Max Lennox
STATIONERY: Moira Ink Design
JEWELRY: Kristin Hayes
BESPOKE VEILS: Jennifer Behr
PAINTING, MIRROR + RENTALS: Wildschut Antiques & Oddities
ADDITIONAL DECOR: Supplied by Pearl & Godiva  


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