THE NEW KÜSS DIE BRAUT COLLECTION 2024 – modern and sustainable


We are delighted to present the latest bridal fashion collection 2024 from KUESS die BRAUT. Designer Kerstin Mechler once again drew on her passion for tailoring, sustainability and organic fabrics to inspire brides worldwide.

Sustainability and sophistication in perfection

Kerstin Mechler presented her new collection at the end of last year, which impresses with innovative accents and sophisticated designs. This time, too, she is focusing on cool mix and match combinations, casual bridal jackets, detailed bridal tops and short good mood favorites. It integrates seductive back cut-outs and popular urban KUESS the BRAUT styles.

Quality meets creativity

The new collection is characterized by the use of high-quality fabrics, including fine lace, delicate silk and innovative materials such as stretch fabrics. The result is an exciting yet understated collection that leaves room for creativity. Brides can perfectly integrate their own style into their wedding wardrobe by choosing accessories.

Versatile two-piece sets for everyday wear

Whether long or short bridal skirts, casual piqué trousers, lace or cotton tops – the individual pieces of the two-piece sets from KUESS die BRAUT can be wonderfully integrated into everyday life after the wedding. This approach underlines the sustainability of the collection and allows brides to continue using their wedding wardrobe after the big day.

Freedom, lightness and comfort

The collection once again demonstrates a stylish feel for trends and materials. The multi-faceted styles give a feeling of freedom and lightness. The focus is not only on the outer appearance, but also on the wonderful wearing comfort that accompanies brides throughout the day.

Uniqueness, individuality and attention to detail

With the 2024 bridal fashion collection, KUESS die BRAUT has created true masterpieces in terms of uniqueness, individuality and attention to detail. Whether cheeky and playful or rather varied and attractive – the new models seem to effortlessly fulfill unspoken wishes.

Overall, KUESS die BRAUT presents a unique blend of contemporary design, sustainability and comfort with its 2024 collection. Immerse yourself in the world of bridal fashion and let yourself be enchanted by the magic of this collection!

You can find more information on the website: KUESS die BRAUT

Stores: KUESS the BRAUT Shops


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