The Oriental Magic of Marrakech



Powerful colors, exotic fruits and oriental delicacies take us to Marrakech, the pearl of the south.

Streets full of people, markets full of fragrances and a city whose palm trees sit enthroned in the city like watchmen. Oriental magic, imposing buildings and green oases draw us into the spell of this colorful and lively city.

Inspired by the culture and flair of this city, Fine Art photographer Céline Chhuon staged this breathtaking shooting together with Wood & Linen and a great team.

Unique accents and authentic details impress the viewer.

The team takes us on a journey to the secret garden of the medina, we experience an intimate moment in the riad and settle down in the desert of Agafay.

Now let yourself be inspired by the good mood, the splendid colors and extraordinary ideas that the great photographer Sandra Malbequi has captured so impressively with her pictures.



Photographer: Sandra Malbequi
Planning & Styling: Wood & Linen
Florist: Mariem
Jewelry: Myrtille Beck
Swimsuit: Cocofrio
Stationery: Graphikkart:

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